November 20, 2005

An Afternoon of Punctuation and Punctuality

My sister and I spent this afternoon with a very witty Brit, Ms. Lynne Truss. The world-famous author actually went to our town!

What's more, I saw her before she even went to the conference room. I saw her while I was in the restroom! I was so shocked that I looked at her dumbfounded, utterly surprised. Then I smiled and she smiled back.

She spoke for an hour about her two books, punctuation and punctuality. Sad to know she thinks the apostrophe is dying, what with people not knowing how to use it!

Afterwards, she signed her two books and also said yes when I asked if I could take her picture (which, really, should've been, "May I take your picture please?").

I was just supposed to take her picture, but it ended up this way:

She was bloody brilliant.