November 13, 2005

Back to Work Tomorrow

To say I'm dreading going back to work is an understatement.

There's this weird hollow feeling in the pit of my stomach just thinking of going back. I know that's a bad sign, but heck, I haven't been successful with my job hunt yet. That's why I've been trying to find a job close by. Hollow feeling in the pit of stomach = bad.

Our office is the biggest in the department, but it's also famous for being poorly managed. We're horribly understaffed. I was out sick for two weeks due to my back problem. I also heard one of my officemates was out sick last week, her arm in a cast and sling. How these things come to be in our office, I honestly don't know. I dare not point fingers.

Anyway, as I'm back to my 2-hr-each-way commute tomorrow, I'm worried my back would go crazy on me again, especially since sitting for a long time isn't good for me. Since there's not much of a choice, I've been looking for a nice lumbar cushion since last night. We went to the mall tonight and I ended up buying this:

I'm crossing my fingers that it'll help.

Next physical therapy session is this coming Tuesday. I can't wait to get my ol' flexibility back. I don't want this back problem to last forever. Eeek!


Lei said...

I hope your back gets better. Scary how people end up sick there at work. Take care and try to take it easy, ok? Goodluck with the job hunt. ^_^