November 8, 2005

The Great Back Problem of 2005

I’m at home right now recovering from a back problem. It totally came out of nowhere. However, my orthopaedist said it’s an accumulation of back stress as a result of either overusing or misusing my back muscles.

Let’s just say the only time I carry heavy stuff is when I’m not at home.

It started out as a sharp pain in my back, later diagnosed as lumbar strain (coupled with muscle spasm).

I was x-rayed and currently taking two strong medicines (one pain killer, another muscle relaxant), plus physical therapy every other day. I haven't gone to work since the 28th. Believe it or not, the pain was so excruciating that I couldn't even walk! Imagine that. My husband had to carry me around, even to go to the bathroom! Truly "in sickness and in health". I'm trying to be good and following the doctor's orders. Minimal bed rest, walk around, do some of the little exercises.

That’s why I’m at home right now. A good thing too as I finally got started blogging.

: ) Ahhh…the power of positive thinking…hahaha.