November 20, 2005

Harry Grows Up

My two sisters, my husband and I went to watch HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE last Friday. Of all the Harry Potter movies, it's the best, darkest and funniest at the same time.

Harry's all grown up! Daniel Radcliffe just brings out the cradle snatcher in older women. It's fantastic how we've all seen him grow from this cute little boy into a gorgeous teenager. He seems very level-headed and quite simply, a delish dish! I thought the Cho Chang angle was hilarious. Someone like Dan bumbling over an Asian girl? Lovely! I've heard people not liking Katie Leung. I say boo to that. She did a good job. Imagine if the actress they chose to play Cho was all flirty? Yikes! Hermione, for the life of me, was just hormonal, constantly close to weeping. BUT, Emma Watson is really turning to be a pretty girl.

Ralph Fiennes was a great choice to portray You-Know-Who. His Voldemort was just fantastic...creepy, grave, forbidding.

Of course, I ended up liking Cedric Diggory, the heroic ideal. Soooo cute! I was charmed at how he and Harry were helping each other during the Triwizard challenges. Nice touch since they both represent Hogwarts.

I plan to watch the movie again sometime this week. It's so fast-paced that watching it once is just not enough.