November 23, 2005

I should tell you, I should tell you

We watched RENT tonight.

TANGO MAUREEN's my favorite scene. It had such a nicely choreographed dance sequence that makes me want to learn the tango.

I used to be crazy over Adam Pascal, but now his hair, my goodness, his mop of hair! He looks like a lion! What on earth happened? Jesse Martin who played Tom Collins made me cry so much, man! He made me cry buckets! Funny thing is, even the girl sitting next to me in the moviehouse kept dabbing her eyes. I could hear sniffles from the audience.

I checked out what reviews say about it. And you know what? After reading them, I don't care. Everyone's entitled to like what they like, dislike what they dislike. Sure, it felt weird when they suddenly sang. Same weird feeling when people suddenly burst into songs in MOULIN ROUGE (which I loved), THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (which was ok) and CHICAGO (which I hated). Maybe it'll be more fun if we actually suddenly burst into songs. Ought to be a hoot and a holler.

I'm also very happy that these highly talented folks were given the chance to showcase their talents in a different medium. In this day and age when people go crazy over talent-less people, it's always a relief to see real talent.

I was afraid I'd end up disappointed after watching the movie. After all, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Broadway version. But, I was not disappointed. Not AT ALL.