November 28, 2005

"The Night Watch"

Finally finished reading Terry Pratchett's NIGHT WATCH.

It's his third book that I've read, the first two being GOOD OMENS and THUD. Can't claim I'm a big fan. I saw him before at the Yale Bookstore where he came by for the book signing of THUD. I'm actually an after-the-fact sort of fan. He was hilarious during the book signing so I ended up buying THUD. Plus, it seemed silly not to get a book when the author was just inches away from us! Might as well get his autograph, right?

Then I borrowed NIGHT WATCH as the synopsis seemed interesting. MAN! I didn't realize I'd end up liking it. I was taking my own sweet time reading it, just reading a page or two at a time before I sleep. Surprise, surprise! I usually end up reading more than FIVE pages before forcing myself to sleep. While in the train tonight, I didn't even get my usual hour-long nap as I was nearing the end of the book. Boy, what an ending!

It made me sniffly. Couldn't put down the book when all the barricade matter began. Then Reg and the lot dying, Reg being all Boromir-like. The name Legitimate First made me laugh out loud though. Imagine naming your firstborn that way. Makes me think of Illegitimate First, in case the babe is born out of wedlock. Nevertheless, the book made me think on the foolishness of war. How people are initially motivated by things they believe, then eventually they will do everything for the people they care for, their comrades-in-arms. They will follow a good leader to the end (quite like LOTR). At the same time, no one really knows what they're doing. Everyone's rationalizing it the way they want to. How sometimes you do the job, not because you've been told it's your job, but because somebody has to do it even if it's not your job at all.

I must really like NIGHT WATCH to even blog about it...hahaha. Maybe I'll read it again to see if I really like it.

My favorite lines:
"To which there wasn't really any sensible comment that could be made." A good response to any stupid statements heard from other people.

"Innocent words got dirty in his mouth." Enough said.