November 9, 2005

Strike Three

Three interviews
Two rounds per interview
Three interviewers each time

"We thought the world of you."
"We were extremely impressed with you."
"You conducted yourself really well during the interview."


"We decided to pick the candidate who is good with writing only." (Just a pen pusher eh?)
"You’re overqualified for the position." (O-kay.)
"You lack recent publishing experience." (After I told them during the interview that I don’t have publishing experience and wanted to explore the field.)

So much for career changing.

I had to do the oh-so-difficult tasks of writing an e-mail and leaving them voicemails expressing thanks and what-have-you that:

(1) they took the time to inform me;
(2) at least they considered me;
(3) I would appreciate being contacted in the future in case something more suitable comes up; and
(4) It was a pleasure meeting them all and finding out about their company/organization.

The icing on the post-rejection cake I offer is always "I wish you and your company all the best."

Rejection. The perfect time to see what a person's made of.

Lucky toddlers. They can plead "I'm in the Terrible Twos!" Then freely throw a tantrum, scream, throw toys around. But since I haven't been a toddler for the longest time, after getting bumped off the saddle, I will wipe away the dust and grime from my clothes and go back in the saddle again.

No time to wallow in rejection, even though a part of me thinks maybe I should take a step back and analyze what went wrong. Then again, another part of me thinks a job interview is much like a past relationship. No matter how many lessons you think you’ve learned, it will not necessarily apply to the new person you’re with. It’s a whole new ballgame.

I read in some books and magazine articles, plus the wisdom of a family friend, that the best time to look for a job is when you HAVE a job. That way, you don’t have that air of desperation, that hungry expression borne out of the extreme desire to get the job. I suppose it also prevents you from choosing the wrong job. There’s no way you’ll accept a crappy job offer if you know you have one anyway (no matter how bleah! you might think it is).

Remember ROTK. If Frodo and Sam made it to Mount Doom come hell or high water, I’m sure I’ll get the right job for me soon after all these. Plus, these things come in threes.

*crosses fingers*