November 12, 2005

Third Day with Cable

Television is not called the "idiot box" for nothing. You turn it on. You get nuggets of information that you really have no use for. Sometimes these nuggets aren't even that informative. They just heighten your anxiety, promote discontent or incite purchase.

A case in point: on the day cable was installed, watching HGTV immediately made me want to buy a crock pot. The way that Sandra Lee used a crock pot to prepare food was just unbelievable. My sister aptly described the reason behind the desire to buy, so I won't belabor the issue.

Now I'm starting to have headaches from watching tv. Too many channels, too many choices. No wonder everyone nowadays have a splitting headache. Choice is good, but sometimes too many choices can just be paralyzing.

What's worse, everything's screaming, "buy this! buy this!" Either someone's selling something or something bad happened. You see the news on tv. You never even have the chance to think, "oh boy, maybe there's good news today." There never is. Why would they cover all the pleasant stuff when it's the bad stuff that sells? Rarely, if at all, do we see something nice and happy being covered by the broadcast media. I don't even dare check the news because it's just going to be bad, bad, bad.

My husband and I survived for YEARS without tv. Then came the nicely-priced package combining both high-speed internet and cable. He's been wanting to have high-speed internet access, but cable? I was against it. Totally goes against my life simplification program. Then again, I understand why he wanted high-speed internet. Our dial-up's just s-l-o-w. Still, what do we need all that high speed for?

So now what do I watch? HGTV, Food Network, Travel Channel and of course, the Weather Channel. I still think watching tv keeps people from doing what they want to do. You're just stuck there, sitting. Any good show worth its salt keeps you hanging, so you'll stick around until the next episode. At the end of the show, you don't have time to do anything else.

I'm challenging myself now if I'll change my opinions after a week of having cable.