December 9, 2005

Ascertaining an Acquaintance

I met her through a friend. For the longest time, I only saw her once a month under the shortest of circumstances, say, lunch. I cannot suffer her company for a long time.

She can't make up her own mind. She seeks advice on every move she makes. She's at the beck and call of her boytoy. What's worse, she thinks she's decisive! She's Little Ms. Exaggeration. Caught her exaggerating many times already. Pointed out her faux pas one time just for the heck of it, she only laughed it off. She acts as if her social calendar's always full, always on a social whirl. Little Ms. Social Butterfly. She flirts outrageously and openly. She's a chatterbox who thrives on being liked by everyone.

I'm not saying that confidence and self-esteem is bad. Neither is coming on too strong nor verging on pretty. I'm not saying she's a bad person.

One can be flirty, sociable, chatty, etc. without constantly comparing themselves to others. She does. And it galls me. Why can't she be herself without comparing herself to others? Just be yourself! There's no need to constantly ask people of their weekend plans only to point out how full your calender is. In her desire to be well-liked and well-accepted, she spills secrets as if it was milk. To which she'll say, "oh! I didn't know it was a secret!". Of course, she hasn't done that to me because I don't tell her anything I consider of substance, but I've seen her do it many times. So why should I say anything of great importance?

What I'm saying is I wouldn't trust her with my deepest secrets.