December 27, 2005

"Brokeback Mountain"

My sister and I watched BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN yesterday. Man, oh man.

I recommend it.

It's easy to be simplistic about it, simply say it's a gay cowboy movie, but it's not. They're both cowboys, yes. They fell in love, yes. But the big brouhaha that it's between two men is just silly and totally denigrates the movie's value. It's a moving love story, a love that caught them both by surprise. Anybody who is in love and/or has fallen in love can relate to it.

The movie packs a punch without being too in-your-face. There were moments that allow quiet reflection. Come to think of it, I think the movie is an entire quiet reflection. You watch it, listen and let it stew.

How sad it was that Ennis was a broken man by his own doing. It wasn't anything they did or were doing. He was too afraid to find out what was in store for the two of them. Tried to play by society's rules only to end up unhappy. Twist tried to be true to himself.

Everyone has their own rules to impose on everyone else. People who hate you will hate you, no matter what. In the same way that people who love you will love you no matter what.

Best to just define your life yourself and live on your own terms.