December 31, 2005

The Day Before the New Year

Sitting in a hotel in Boston, Massachusetts, we're getting ready to go to Faneuil Hall Marketplace. I've been to Faneuil before, but I want to go back. With our little dog in tow, we can only go to where dogs are welcome. Weather forecast said snow showers later today. Oh well.

I was torn between Washington, D.C. and Boston, MA - my two favorite cities here in the U.S.A. Since we frequently go to D.C., we opted for Boston this time. No particular reason for coming here, I just wanted to. That's enough of a reason, right?

2005 was good. I encountered a back problem that gave me time to start this blog, and time to review my life - a blessing in disguise. I got my long-awaited petition, then my promotion.

Another year over, a new one on its way.