December 18, 2005

Find your Passion

Go out, grab Life by the scruff of its neck and take charge.

Show Life who's boss.

But most of the time, most of us are winging it, not really knowing what we want, what moves us, what would make us really and truly happy. How can we dare to dream when dreams, as they say, are for dreamers? What's the point, then, of dreaming?

Other people drag you down. Tell you things cannot be done or should not be done. Tell you what you can and cannot do. You wonder why. Eventually, when you've seen enough of the world, experienced the best and worst life has to offer, you start understanding why most people let go of their dreams. Why everyone settles. We look at our choices, face our decisions - whether we've settled or gone after that which we really desire.

It's not always easy to go against what everyone tells you. It's easier to go along with the flow. Easier to say no out of fear of losing control. Who in the right mind really wants to let go? To let things happen as they should?

We settle sometimes because we think there is no hope that we can get exactly what we want. That what we're dreaming of is so impossible, that we should just give it up before we even have the chance to hold it in our hands.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we accept without question?

I don't believe we're supposed to live our lives as we currently do. We're not supposed to be cubicle-bound automatons, constantly seeking relief from our physical aches and pains through pills. It just doesn't make sense.

Perhaps we've been deceived by the society we live in. We get sidetracked by things like buying a house, reaching the top of the corporate ladder, looking for Mr./Ms. Right and other things. As long as we're kept busy, we don't have the time to follow our dreams and passions.

What calls to you? What moves you? What makes your heart skip a beat?

Follow your bliss.

Wish on a star.

Sweep me off my feet.

It's the only way to live.