December 2, 2005

Idle Banter

As our office's LAN "Overseer", when things go wrong that I can't figure out or troubleshoot myself, I normally call the help desk. Since everything's been going crazy here this week, I've been talking to the same guy since Monday.

Early today, we were discussing over the phone the mysterious network account disappearance for quite sometime. As phone pals, we even discuss inane things like weather, weekend, etc. He said he'll try to figure it out then call me. They were distributing cake here at work today as a special treat for us so I mentioned the cake distribution to him. Then he asked me, "are you going?" Told him probably not. "I want to meet you for cake."


He said that we talk so often on the phone but we don’t know each other personally. "Oh, you want to put a face to the voice?" I asked, "I'll be the one with the cake." Good luck to him since there will be lots of people getting their piece of the cake!

I'm supposed to call him back to make sure that the network account has been reactivated. When I asked him what time I should call, he said "how about 8pm tonight?"


Anyway, boredom can do weird things to people, but as long as it gets the job done.