December 25, 2005

A Very Rainy Christmas Day

Christmas came and went just like that.


Before Christmas actually rolled around, I was glum. Whining and complaining how crass the holiday season has become. Shaking my head in dismay at the money being spent left and right just to make people feel how much you love them.
I love Christmas. I really do.

But the gross materialism leaves a bad taste in the mouth sometimes. I cut our Christmas card list in half. Tried to cut costs with the gifts. Shopped online and waited at home for the gifts to arrive.

On the 23rd though, I buckled and bought my husband an iPod. Me, the person who so dislikes what it stands for, gave in and bought one. We went to the Apple store, saw how he enjoyed playing and listening to it. He's worth it, of course. That was never an issue. He's been a wonderful friend and husband, especially this year when I had my back problem. So now I'm happy to see him using it. He's like a kid with his new toy. You know what he gave me? A laptop! My very first own laptop!

Last night, we went to a Christmas Eve party with tons of people who are always in a celebratory mood whatever occasion happens to be around. We left around 11 p.m. to listen to Christmas carols in the church at 11:30 p.m. with the Mass starting at 12 midnight. I didn't think I'd find a midnight Mass. I was so determined to relive midnight Masses back when I was in my country. So glad we went. The choir was fantastic. The Mass was nice.

When we got back to the party, gifts for us were already inside three big trash bags. We stayed a while longer to chat with those who were still awake. Another good thing, my husband were still classified as young adults. : D HAH! They distribute gifts in batches - kids first, teenagers, young adults then adults. So in their eyes, we're still officially young adults!

Accumulated loot was better than expected...way better. Here's how I classified the gifts I received so far:
  • Usual suspects: candles, candle holder, photo frames, box of chocolates
  • Unusual gifts: a hot air brush with straightener and bristle brushes, and a vanity tray
  • Back-friendly: a percussion massager and a digital moist heating pad. Digital moist...two words I never imagined I'd see in one phrase.
  • Home Sweet Home: electric griddle (yay!), Mikasa flatware, set of decorative towels, champagne flutes, trinket box, home decorating books
  • Gimme Fun: RENT movie soundtrack, a bottle of champagne, a bottle of Canadian icewine, light blue sweater
  • Whoa!: a Dell laptop.
I heard there will be more gifts coming my way. Exciting!
I sent my parents gift certificates to Gerry's Grill back home because that's one of the places I want to go if and when I come home. As for my younger sister, I sent her a gift certificate to a beauty salon I used to go to. Hope she used it already.
Anyway, we went to the house of our "second parents" for lunch today. There were eight of us, a wee bit of a gathering, but the conversation was so intelligent, it felt strange. We talked about everything from cleaning tips, Angelina Jolie to the divinity of Jesus.
All in all, not a bad way to celebrate a rainy Christmas day.