December 17, 2005

Winter Car Trouble

I rarely drive nowadays. I take the train to work. My husband usually drops me off at the train station then picks me up at night.

Yesterday, I drove myself to the train station using our teenage vehicle (1991). I read T. Pratchett's JINGO (as recommended by my sister) while in the train going home, anticipating a quiet Friday evening. When I arrived in our town at past eight in the evening, the car wouldn't start. Was it a frozen battery? The starter? The alternator?

Smart move on my part that I locked the car manually earlier in the day so I was able to sit inside the car. Of course, I didn't last long inside as the leather seats were cold. It was actually better standing outside. I wasn't wearing my down coat and it was cold. I ended up calling my husband at home. Jumpstarting came to mind, but I needed our other car to accomplish that.

I was so glad to see him than last night. It took awhile for the jumpstarting to work, but bless him, though he's not the car-crazed sorta guy, he got the car running.

Booster cables are our best friend!