January 29, 2006

Craving Kakanin

Yes, that's one of the downside of being in the U.S. Kakanin is not readily available, unless you're living in one of the major cities where Filipinos and Filipino stores are aplenty.

So what's kakanin? From what I know, kakanin is an umbrella term for various snacks or desserts made of rice, coconut, cassava, purple yam, taro, corn, anise, sesame seeds, green lime, etc. They're pretty time-consuming to make so they're served during special occasions. Very traditional dating way back when.

I was looking for simple recipes for suman, biko, bibingka and puto this morning. Successful? Not really. I found the rest except for biko from this site. I have THE LITTLE KAKANIN BOOK by Gene Gonzalez, but of course, I'm still looking for something easier.

Anyway, my husband and I tried out the suman recipe from the site, complete with banana leaves. We're still waiting for it to be done. I'm crossing my fingers that it turns out well.

While surfing the net, I came across this site "Weird Foods From Around the World". Quite interesting. I haven't fully checked it out, but I found halo-halo (weird?), balut (misspelled as baalut), dinuguan (misspelled as diniguan) and durian. Now I'm thinking, what other Filipino food can be considered weird by others?

Please don't say Jollibee.


Jules said...

hi... speaking of Jollibee... you should read Pamela Ribon's (american author) blog entry where she insulted Jollibee to a pulp. Hope you blog it.


Cez said...

I already did.

Check out "When Small Minds Run Loose" (http://vanilla-caramel.blogspot.com/2006/01/when-small-minds-run-loose.html).