January 24, 2006

The Daily Grind

6:00 a.m.
The alarm clock glares angrily at you, waking you up from your wonderful dream. You walk towards the bathroom as if in a haze. You turn on the shower for the hot water to get started. You pick up your toothbrush then take a shower, spend roughly fifteen to twenty minutes inside

You start the day with nothing in mind. No chores to think of, just a seeming state of dreaminess that doesn't linger long. It stays with you up until you enter the shower anyway. That's when you start thinking about what needs to be done and what you should do today.

9:00 a.m.
You arrive at work. You turn on your computer; get the keys to open the lawyers' offices. Turn on the lights in the office. Open the doors to the lawyers' offices. On your way back to your cubicle, you greet your officemates.

Back at your desk, you check the incoming tray. See what's in store for the day. You sit quietly on your table, every so often interrupted by a phone call, short and sweet, or by a colleague who (a) needs your help; (b) needs you to listen to her; and (c) needs you to blame - either for something you did or didn't do.

1:00 p.m.
You stand up, get your coat and prepare to go out for lunch.

Instant energy the moment you step out of the building. With polluted air surrounding you, the same air you normally would complain about actually becomes the fresh air for you, after being cooped up all morning in your cubicle.

You walk with a skip. Joyful for a chance to escape. You pass restaurants, go window-shopping. You stop by little fruit stands, checking out strawberries and bananas, anything healthy to snack on while working. All is well with your world until your hour is up.

2:00 p.m.
You go back to the office, remove your coat, hang it up your coat rack. You wear your eyeglasses again; check your incoming tray and work quietly on your table. You work endlessly, giving yourself only five to fifteen minutes every two hours to chat with your colleagues.

Everyone complains about the office - how no one is responsible, how it's always one person who does the job, how management sucks, yet no one wants to change anything. No one wants to volunteer his or her ideas, only there to complain.

Those who work, complain about those who don't work. Those who don't work, complain about what they need to do. Day in, day out, you hear people grumbling. You hear upper management grumble about the administrative people. You hear the administrative people whine about upper management.

Out of the office, other offices find fault with how your office is managed. For the hard work your office does, no one congratulates for a job well done. No one gives out pats on the shoulders.

5:00 p.m.
Finally, it's time to go home. You turn off your computer, stand up, get your coat and leave the office. On the train ride home, you doze off in extreme exhaustion. You get off the train and walk towards your house. You arrive at home and drop off to bed without even taking time to remove your clothes.

You are finally at home.

Rest never comes as the cycle goes on when the alarm clock sounds again.


Lene said...

Upon reading this, I can't help myself but feel the unhappiness I'm experiencing right now at work. But time will come, this'll all end. I just have to patiently wait.

On the side, I wonder if you're happy with that kind of routine? =)

Cez said...

No one can be happy with such a routine. It's not the right way to live.

nandoo said...

if its not the right way to live.. how do we make up living... we cannot be passionate all the time but at the same time we arent born to be rational :D
nice post