January 1, 2006

The First Day of 2006

Slept at 3 a.m. alternately watching PUNK'D and the Discovery Channel's AMERICAN TSUNAMI: ARE WE NEXT? We were supposed to go from Massachusetts to New Jersey where we'd celebrate New Year's Eve with a bunch of party-lovin' people. The drive from MA to CT took 4 hours because of the horrid snow conditions. At times, we were running at 20mph. Better safe and slow was the mantra last night. We decided against driving to NJ. No party is worth such a drive.

Thank goodness the grocery store was still open. We bought some dinner rolls, ham, fruits, crackers. Then my hubby ordered barbecued spareribs, wonton soup and vegetable lo mein. We even had appetizers - cheese, pepperoni, crackers and Cali. When the clock struck midnight, we had a bottle of champagne. Not bad for a spur-of-the-moment New Year's Eve dinner. I kept taking pictures, who knows why.

Today I woke up at noon. We didn't do much, just watched tv (even - believe it or not - THS Christina Aguilera, also Jessica, Ashlee & the Simpson family..haha!). We ended cooking up food for this week so we don't have to cook tomorrow.

It's amazing how the mind works. It's just a difference of yesterday and today, 2005 and 2006 yet somehow, I think today holds more hope for me than yesterday, just because it's a new year. Let's hope 2006 will be good for all of us.


Lene said...

Hello Cez! I linked you up na. Feel free to link me up too. It's an honor actually...

Happy new year Cez! =)

Cez said...

Happy New Year too!

Pie said...

happy new year cesz! (and to euge too!) :) here's to good health and blessings for 2006! cheers!