January 12, 2006

"In Disguise"

some people you think are your friends
you mistake them for a friend
but in reality, they're not
they're in disguise
they teach you how jealous people can be
how manipulative
how mean and hurtful, cunning and deceitful

others teach you life's lessons
in a different way
by not being manipulative
by not being hurtful
by being there
in spite and despite of your flaws
in spite and despite of their flaws
they teach you by not doing
they teach you by being

she is mean and hurtful
not because everyone's mean and hurtful to her
but because she's simply mean and hurtful

you look beyond her hurtful actions
you listen beyond the poisonous words

she doesn't see goodness when it's done to her
she doesn't see blessings in her life
she doesn't see wonder in her life
she doesn't see
she doesn't want to see

she prefers to see the bad
she prefers to paint her world black
she prefers to give out pain

sometimes you lose faith in people
you cannot believe how awful they can be
then you forget one thing
it's just one person
it's just one mean person
and you tell yourself that not everyone's like that
you hope
you believe in what's good


Paige said...

I know some one like that. I can even figure out various reasons she is that way. Sad, dark, judgemental, full of hate. I avoid her, but pray for her. I believe her soul is empty. I offer no advice or clever words to lighten the situation. Only know you are not alone.