January 5, 2006

Kudos to Mr. Dick Clark

An officemate called my attention to this article, "Clark outing cheers stroke survivors". She was outraged that some people thought it was morbid and inappropriate.

I thought it took courage to show the world how he is now. A friend of mine had a stroke late last year. People here at work seem disappointed when they visit her and find her unable to speak. What could they possibly be expecting? The mere fact that she's alive is a miracle as it is.

Anyway, as I told my officemate, some people find it hard to deal with Mr. Clark's tv appearance because it's too "in-your-face". Most people can bear the thought of someone surviving a stroke, but they can't stand seeing them. It's as if being a survivor is something to be embarrassed about. Something that should be kept a secret.


Hats off to Mr. Clark for showing the world how far he's come and for facing public scrutiny.