January 8, 2006


It's 1:48 a.m. I'm still awake. I just finished updating our wedding website. The old link to the wedding pictures was not working anymore so I moved our pictures to Flickr. I was planning to organize them, but lost steam midway. As long as the pictures are up there, that's alright. Maybe I'll fix it sometime.

I love looking back on our wedding day. It sounds very Hallmark-y but it was such a great time. The wedding planning, like all weddings, was marked by much drama as people kept telling us how to do our wedding. Did we listen?

NOOO!!! Hell no. We did it OUR way. That's why we still look back on it with fondness.

In case you're wondering at the sudden trip down memory lane, it occurred to me that this year is our FIFTH year of wedded bliss. FIVE YEARS! We've been together far longer than that. People are bearing down the baby pressure on us big time. Of course, if and when we have our first kid, the next thing people will bug us is when the next one will come along. It never ends. It's not as if these folks are knocking on our doors to babysit. Good thing I was never vulnerable to peer pressure. I just flick them off and do my own thing. With my husband now, the more I'm inclined not to listen to other people. We do things when we're ready. We could've gotten married way earlier than 5 years ago, but what's the rush anyway?

What amazes me is my husband and I have seen each other grow up. Survived an intercontinental long-distance relationship, petty intrigues, raised eyebrows and weight fluctuations.

He introduced me to video games ("Virtua Fighter", "Tekken", etc.), rock bands (Firehouse, Slaughter, Def Leppard, Guns N Roses, Metallica, Megadeth, etc.), anim̩ and manga, Bruce Lee and Jacky Chan, and other things that are totally beyond me. On days when things are not going well and look bleak, when I lose hope in things ever becoming better, he cheers me up and points out the good that lies ahead. In the craziness of day-to-day living, we work well together Рwhether it's cooking, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, maneuvering a silly paddleboat in an amusement park, or even planning a wedding and buying a house.

Life sometimes throws distractions in our way – meetings and conferences to attend, letters to write, e-mails to send out, phone calls to make, reports to finish. We forget the ones we love and the ones who love us in return. We forget what's important.

We vote with our actions, not with our words. We can say we love someone, yet neglect to nurture the relationships we claim are important to us. At the end of the day, our loved ones stay with us even if we had a bad day in the office, even if our supervisors belittle our efforts, even if we’re tired and cranky, or just plain hungry. They love us just the same.

And that's what's important in this life.