January 16, 2006

When Small Minds Run Loose

Please tell me Pamie just wanted to generate discussion.

Dare I admit it roused patriotic feelings in me by this attack on the much-beloved Jollibee!

Pamie was wrong. I don't think she and her friends are Ugly Americans. To call them Ugly Americans is tantamount to being simplistic - much like them calling our food disgusting without even bothering to find out what they were eating - which is something I don't want to be guilty of.

To add insult to injury, after suffering the "disgusting" food, they proceeded to eat in a French restaurant where the food was "awesome".

Filipinos are very open-minded and hospitable. We welcome new people, new cuisine, new tastes. We're THAT nice. We're too nice for our own good even. Perhaps if they told the Jollibee servers their concerns, they would've taken the time to explain to them the contents of the food. Didn't it make them wonder how come no one told them off for acting as if the food was oh-so-icky? Lucky for them, that's not how we are. It's as if they went to our house, then proceeded to insult everything - window curtains, home d├ęcor, food - and finally leaving.

Let's get one thing clear here. No one forced them to go there. No one forced them to order anything. They went there on their own volition only to write despicably about food they never even gave a chance to.

They wanted to try Filipino fastfood...as long as it tastes American. My husband's right, "this is the same general behavior they have with everything; from politics to how their government deal with things internationally".

Jollibee wasn't designed for you. It's for Filipinos living here in the US who long for a taste of home...as nauseating it might be to those who don't understand our tastes.

Either you deal with it or you don't.


Jules said...

thx for dropping by sa blog... yes, i was appalled and shocked at her post (and she's even proud of it in her succeeding post!) She should at least have the temerity to ask or interview other Pinoys what on earth they were eating than judging it right away based on their preconceived American criteria. Were they expecting the yumburger to taste like Johnny Rocket's (with the Tillamook cheese, bacon and the trimmings?) Yes, i guess they were expecting the same US tastes. That's what you get with a nation fed on Chicken Parmigiana and Fillet Mignon and other Euro-schmancy cuisine. Even if it was fastfood, it still bears our signature taste. But i'm sure she got the picture already. I hope with all the ruckus in her forum, she'll tread more gently when criticizing other ethnic cuisine. cheers!!