February 16, 2006

I'd hate to be a guy on Valentine's Day.

I'd hate to be a guy on Valentine's Day. The pressure to come up with something romantic and (preferably) over-the-top fantastic would drive me mad.

Let's spare these guys the misery. Let them know what you want.

Now let's see, what's been said about Valentine's?
Focus on that special someone.
Let them know how much you appreciate them.
Show how much you care.

No wonder guys dread Valentine's Day. With the society nowadays setting up everything and defining everything in material terms, how can guys even meet half the expectations of what Valentine's Day should be? Valentine's Day has been cheapened, a commercial travesty of romance. Women are set up for disappointment, while the men feel resentful for being forced into it. Oh, what a lovely way to celebrate the day of love.

What's more, I know some girls read so much into Valentine's Day, it's a wonder the holiday isn't dog-eared by this time. They use Valentine's Day to measure a guy's interest in them, especially when a guy plans something for Valentine’s Day.

If they are friends who are just hanging out, it'll be the sign that he wants to be more than friends.
If they just started dating, it'll be the sign that he's serious.
If they've been together for a short time, it'll be the sign that he's the one.
If they've been together for quite awhile, my oh my, "is he going to propose tonight?"

That is not to say I don't enjoy Valentine’s Day. It's fun. My husband's good with holidays and dates, so no complaints from this lady.

And how did our Valentine's Day go? He went to work while I stayed at home. He gave me a dozen white roses (yes, his love is pure). I prepared cheese fondue complete with cut-up French bread, cold cuts and a wine named Romance from Clinton Vineyards. I was sloshed before we even left. Thankfully, I get over alcohol quickly.

We went for a prix fixe dinner at a French restaurant here in our town. I had gnocchi 'nicoise' (egg and flour dumplings on spinach with ratatouille, gratinée), consommé forestier (mushroom consommé), filet de boeuf Béarnaise (filet mignon, Béarnaise sauce and Madeira sauce), and caramelized pineapple on puff pastry served with coconut sorbet. He had caille farcie (quail stuffed with wild rice and prosciutto), velouté argenteuil (cream soup of white asparagus), carre d’agneau rôti (rack of lamb with herb crust, curried onion marmalade and couscous), and croissant bread pudding with pecan topping.

For my part, I bought him a heart-shaped box of red M&Ms with messages on them like *I dig u", "smile", "hey baby", "Kiss me", "True Love", "Falling 4 U"... you catch the drift. It's so elementary that it rocks! But the main gift I was so excited about was the...drum roll please...Atari Flashback 2 Classic Game Console! Talk about retro.

So that's how our day went.


nandoo said...

Nice post.... I was expecting an article for valentines day in your Love lorn blog :(((

Cez said...

Hi nandoo...I did write something for that blog but didn't get to finish it. Sorry!