February 10, 2006

Luna's been cast!

Well, well, well. They finally chose someone to play Luna Lovegood in HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX. I found it here.

Luna's such a quirky but substantial character. The way she's described in the book is so flaky, I just couldn't wait to see her in the movie. I hope they chose well.

Her name's Evanna Lynch. She's from Ireland. She's not dressed as Luna Lovegood in this picture, but as herself.

I don't understand this though. Did I read the book incorrectly? I never thought Harry was grappling with attraction issues when it comes to Luna. It was always Cho, then Ginny, right? Luna was someone he frequently pitied because the other kids were making fun of her. Then again, it would be fun if he would get together with Luna. She's a nutcase and he's accused of being one. Wouldn't it be fun? Harry needs someone unusual.