February 20, 2006

Organizer from the Past

I stumbled upon an old organizer from way back 1998. How organized I was then, complete with my to-do list.

Here's what I uncovered that promptly dragged me back in time:
1. Doodles from my then-boyfriend (now my husband)
2. Photo stickers with me and my then-boyfriend
3. Northwest World Perks card
4. ACA Video Card
6. Perpetual Novena of the Divine Mercy
7. Infant of Prague Prayer Booklet
8. Novena Prayers to Saint Anne
9. Saint Anthony prayer card
10. Handwritten notes:
"Efficiency is doing the thing right. Effectiveness is doing the right thing."
"Swim in your current, even if you swim against the tide."
11. Christmas card list (1998)
12. Christmas gift list (1998)
13. Group picture with folks from my second job

I also saw a couple of names that I have honestly forgotten about. I always thought I have a fairly good memory. I can't believe that I forgot them!

I can't believe I had four religious prayer cards in my organizer.

I can't believe I still do those Christmas card and gift lists (but now in Excel).

I can't believe I forgot about the handwritten notes.

So now I'm wondering how different I am now.

1. I don't have an organizer anymore. I have an old Visor Edge, the potential of which is virtually untapped because I hardly use it.

2. I don't have a copy of the handwritten notes. I do have a little reminder for myself...my mantra, so to speak which goes:
I won't be made to feel bad for not doing other people’s jobs.
I will not let myself feel victimized when I have the option to say no.
I will not be a victim.
I will use the option to say no.
I will use the option to say yes sparingly.
If they want something done and if they’re responsible for it, they should do it themselves.
If they had a bad weekend, it’s THEIR bad weekend, not mine. They should not take it out on me.
Way longer than the handwritten notes. Maybe I should go back to them?

3. I don't have the same idealism anymore. What a sad thing to lose.


nandoo said...

You Know I have something called as 'Darling Collections' i used to collect each and every single stupid thing during my college days.. and have it together in an album.... this post reminded me
and yes i dont collect my darling collections any more

Paige said...

Its hard being responsible. I stopped dusting, lets see, yes 10 years ago. Now it just gets so heavy it falls on the floor & gets sweep up. Sometimes by some one other then me! Can't do it all. Let go & ease resentment.