February 4, 2006

Sometimes you hang on to things

Sometimes you hang on to things

Holding on to friendships and people
Clinging to past hurts and wrongs
Clutching old habits and routines

You stay in one place for a long time
You stall
You linger
You put off

Moving on
Moving ahead
Growing up
Taking a step forward

Out of fear
Out of loyalty
Out of laziness
Out of convenience

Sometimes you let go

They hurt you
And you hurt them
You vow revenge
Or worse,

And you let go
Of the people
Of the friendship
But not the hurt
Not the pain.

Sometimes life leads us in different paths

You grow up
You grow apart
Then you walk away


You meet new people
Make new friends
You try to win over
Convince the new ones to like you
Who you are

At the end of the day
You get worn-out
Fed up, tired
Of the effort
You chose the best apples
But found them sour

Sometimes you walk away and come full circle

You seek shelter in the company
Of old friends
Shared bygone memories
The solace and the comfort

You think you’ve chosen the people you’re with
You think you’ve moved on
You think you’ve outgrown them

But the old ones still beckon

You keep coming back.


Lene said...

whew, this hit me hard! it's actually me! =)

i love your posts talaga..uhhmmm, I want to ask you something actually, here goes...

"can I call you ate?" "blushes"

Cez said...

too funny!

I just felt like a hundred years old...nevertheless, sure!