February 8, 2006

The Triple Whammy

I'm at home again today. Out sick.

It started Friday, the 27th of January. Sudden sore throat, by evening painful when swallowing food. The rest of that weekend, bed-bound. Monday, I went to a workshop at work. By evening, worse. Tuesday, went to the doctor who said it was sinus infection, prescribed 2 meds. Wednesday & Thursday, not much improvement so went to a different doctor who said my sinus infection led to bronchitis, which triggered the asthma. I've got tons of medicines to take, different schedules for those three. Really horrid. Went back to work last Monday and yesterday even though not fully recovered. Went to the clinic in the afternoon for steam inhalation. Was promptly told by the medical office to go home and not to come back until 100% ok. Tomorrow, back to the doctor.

It's weird, isn't it? All my whining and griping about work, yet when there's a good enough reason to stay at home, I go to work!

I wanted to show to them, to prove to them that I really wasn't faking it. I was honest-to-goodness sick! Then again, why the hell is it important to prove to them that I'm sick?

I don't know. It just is.

A family friend e-mailed me this before when I had my back pain: "hope by this time your pain is lessened and you were 'pitik' by our Lord that you really have to take time with your self or as my say with your life...life might be too short for us so you have to enjoy it...you have to take care of your health always...the office will not take care of us if we are sick...though they might give us the necessary compensation and the like BUT hangang doon lang sila...it's still our family/husband who is there to give the outmost love and care...".

I know that's true. I've always thought that when people get sick, it's Somebody-Up-There's way of reminding you to slow down.

Then how come I'm such an idiot that I want to prove myself? Have I been that brainwashed into thinking that what they think is more important than my health?

Dear Lord, no...
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Paige said...

Cez, I sure hope you are better now. Yes I too have "proven" I was sick, but darn it not sent home. Even worked right after carpel surgery- duh its hard to type legal stuff when your hand can't & will not work. LOL and Yes you may link to me. Thats the best compliment I have ever had. Thank you.