March 5, 2006

Looking Forward and Backward

Spent the day moving furniture around in the living room. Now our living room looks different again. It's always amazing how a simple thing as rearranging furniture changes things. Thank goodness for furniture sliders, it made moving heavy stuff really easy. I even cleaned the windows, believe it or not.

I feel it's time for a change.

Funny thing too, my sister who just got back from the Philippines brought me my old photo album from way back university days and my collection of tubao. Had a great laugh at how I looked, even remembering that at THAT time, I thought I looked so cool! Seeing the pictures with old friends made me remember why I chose to be friends with them at the time. Some of them are still in touch up to now. Others have faded into oblivion. Some, I let go for various reasons.

I have always preferred a wide range of friends. I was always in different groups. One thing I never really seriously contemplated nor wanted was to have a best friend. I have some really close friends - those persons who I really trust, but I don't think I ever gave anybody the special title of "Best Friend". I wonder what that says about me?

Anyway, it was great to look back. Now it's time to look forward.