March 7, 2006


They tried to convince me to stay. I haven't even given the official notice. Just thought I'd let them know in advance. Not all of them, of course. Three out of eight.

Asked me what would the office do without me. Told me staying is the best thing for me in the long-term scheme of things. Advised me to think things through, not to be rash. Suddenly I'm the person they can't let go. My answer?


Three persons yelled at me at work today. For things that I'm not responsible for. Even if the responsible person was there. The head honcho yelled at me yesterday. For not answering a colleague's phone. Even if my colleague has voicemail. Not even my duty to answer her phone as she's a fellow underling. Even if I'm not a receptionist.

That's what they'll probably miss.

The Resident Whipping Girl.