March 22, 2006

Puppy Love

Staying at home right now with our dog made me think...

How can a little dog make such a big difference?

Ours was a case of love at first sight. I saw you and you saw me. We played together for a while. But I wasn't sure if I was ready for you. I had to think. My husband was a dog person. To get you or not to get you? The decision was up to me.

The following weekend, I told my husband "if he's still there, he's the one". And you were there. Waiting.

We came home with you in our arms.

Then I panicked. I didn't know anything about taking care of you. What do you eat? How do you sleep? Can we handle the responsibility?

Then you got sick for a bit. We worried. I held you in my arms while you coughed. He gave you your medicines. You got better. It was such a new experience.

You captured our hearts. Our little furball. You follow me around. You follow him around. You don't play favorites. We like that. Even those who are afraid of your kind, you won them over with your big brown eyes.

You will always be a puppy in our eyes, no matter how old you get.

Note: Photo courtesy of Little Ms. Nitpicky... :D


nandoo said...

this reminds me my gino...
what a coincidence..i have posted a similar article about my puppy.. but may be u wont understand.. coz it s my native language..

Lynn said...

Not just his big brown eyes! His overall friendliness and furballhood! I LOVE YOU LITTLE DOGGY!!! YOU'RE THE BEST DOGGY ON EARTH! WHO LOVES YOU? WHOOOOO LOVES YOU??! WE DO! WE DO!


I want credit for the photo! Hehehe.

Paige said...

Sweet little doggie. I hope this means you are having a good day.