April 20, 2006

How Different

It hit me today.

It's been a month since my last day in that other place. I'm on my third week in this new place.


  • My wardrobe going to work underwent a complete turn-around - from three-piece suits to shirts/jeans/sneakers.
  • I wake up at 7a.m. and get home at 7p.m.
  • I see my husband more often - morning, lunch and afternoon.
  • I go to work without feeling queasy and nauseous.
  • People leave me alone when there's nothing to do. No need to keep my nose constantly to the grindstone.
  • I haven't heard the word URGENT since I joined. When something happened last week that I thought would cause much panic and mayhem, everything stayed cool, calm and collected.
  • No phones to answer!
  • No one monitors my comings and goings.
  • Taking day-offs or leaving early is not an exercise in distress, nor is it a hard-won matter.
  • There is actually a company picnic being scheduled!


  • No cafeteria to go to. There's a deli that's only open until lunch.
  • Not a lot of restaurants and shopping places to check out.
  • Not a lot of people walking outside the building. Most are car folks.

As you can tell, the bummers aren't really that important.