April 2, 2006

New Job Jitters

I know I wanted a new job for the longest time. Weird enough, now that my first day is coming up, I'm panicking! It's already way past my bedtime. I can't sleep! How can this be?

I've been so conditioned for years to dread Mondays and even simply going to work. Now it's that coupled with the fear of the unknown. I mean, I haven't been a newbie in the workplace since 2000!

I'm part excited, part nervous. I had two weeks to take it easy. Now I'm just a basket case!

Arrrrggghh!!! Is this even normal?


Paige said...

Wow, you didn't say anything til now! I do so hope it is good. I keep watching. & cross my fingers for ya.

nandoo said...

congrats on your new job!!!

Cez said...

thanks Paige!

Cez said...

thanks Nandoo!