April 4, 2006

Second Day

Second day in my new job. They gave me a proposal after lunch that was due at the end of today's workday.

I finished it well ahead of time. The client received it ahead of the deadline.

I've never done anything like this job before so I'm pretty excited. I think they're testing my mettle. They could've given me the "baby" jobs first, but nooo! Second day and they already gave me a proposal. The proposal is supposed to be a big deal because the company gets more clients out of it.

Here's a list of five things that I find unbelievable:

Fun thing #1: When the proposal was submitted to the client, they included my name in it. Credit where credit is due! How unusual!

Fun thing #2: I have my own little office and am getting business cards! I was in the other job for the longest time, but never had those.

Fun thing #3: They asked me to list down the things I need (including an ergonomic chair, dictionary, thesaurus, etc.) and they don't care how expensive it is!!! They even bought me a brand-spanking-new computer that is so small and compact, I love it!

Fun thing #4: It's a pet-friendly office lodged in a pet-friendly building!!!

Fun thing #5: I get to meet up for lunch with my husband!

I'm glad I quit when I had to. It would've been terrible if I missed the good opportunities out there.


Paige said...

I am so glad you are liking the new job.

Lene said...

Congratulations Cez for the new job. It pays to do the right thing, di ba? =)

I'm looking forward to having a new job too. =)

Lei said...

Congrats Cez!
Do you now bring Zack with you at the workplace? Sobrang nainggit ako sa part where you get to have lunch with your asawa. ^^

Paige said...

So hows it goin?

Cez said...

It's a bit overwhelming and exciting...so different from where I used to be. :)