April 27, 2006

Such Intolerance...Geez!

Well, here's another bit of news that'll make your blood boil.

Chinese people can use chopsticks, but Filipinos can't use spoon and fork?

Sometimes people's intolerance and ignorance of other cultures just makes me mad. Mad enough to do something about it. Make it My Cause.

Don't they realize that they're only showing how isolated they are from the rest of the world? How so out of the loop they are? Don't they know that there are other ways of enjoying a nice good meal? That the people they consider disgusting are actually spread out all over the world, more exposed to different cultures and different cuisines than they are? Darn, we're actually more urbane than them!

The utter nerve. Geez!


Paige said...

Why attack a little kid? I just don't know what to say.

teripotz said...

Allow me to thank you first for dropping by my blog;)

*sigh* some people could really think so highly of themselves just because they were stupid to believe so.