April 14, 2006

The Time In Between

The trees are still bare. The wind is still blowing, bringing with it a chill. The grass is not yet green, still a bare brown. The lake is still frozen. The birds can stand on a lake because of the ice. It is neither winter nor spring.

The time in between.

It is the time when people look forward to spring and summer, the seasons that lie ahead. When people wish and dream of what will be. Looking forward. Looking ahead with anticipation and excitement.

Yet other people dread and fear the impending change, no matter how predictable the changing seasons are. But the seasons, they teach us to keep moving forward, to keep going, to embrace change. Mother Nature shows us things change and will always change.

The animals know it, plants undergo it. Birds fly south, whales go down under, bears hibernate. They know better than to say no. They know better than to resist. Knowing at the end of each change – what lies ahead is something far better than what one had at the start.

They know they are led to the right place at the right time. They know that after being still, after letting things take its course, when they come back, when they stop struggling, things have improved for them.

They do not have the luxury – our luxury – of thinking over the changes. They just go along with it. They simply know, they really know, that with things changing, they will end up the better for it. They do not have to understand. They do not have to know everything. They follow that which is inside them, the part that whispers change and they obey.

Why do we not accept these things as they do? Why do we continue to live our life as a struggle? Everyday we deal with work, with people with circumstances, situations and events. Are we all the better for it?

We just have to accept it.
We just have to accept it and go along with it.

What's in store during the time in between is change. Nature, like the changing seasons, keeps coming back. Better and improved.

People fear change because they do not know what's in store for them. Not knowing, not understanding. Most people fear that which lies beyond their doorsteps. Not knowing that new experiences, new places might be waiting for them.

Very few people listen to that part inside them, the part that knows things will get better.

Why don't we have the same faith? To stay still and allow things to unfold as they should?


Paige said...

We lack the self control to give up the control. Glad you are doing ok!

nandoo said...

very inspiring one....
Better than 'Who Moved my cheese'

Meikah said...

Yes Cez, very inspiring entry and very well-written! Thanks for sharing it through this blog. ;))