April 23, 2006

What to do? What to do?

What do you do when people you love is making a big and terrible mistake? No amount of warning I give is useless. They think that since they decided on it, the best thing is to just continue, to stand by their decision. I don't agree with what they're doing because I suspect the person they're dealing with is taking advantage of them, out to make a buck. He's banking on them not knowing any better.

I'm pissed off. Really truly pissed off.

My dad's retired already. Since retirement bores him to tears, he was swayed into starting a real estate venture by this guy who I really have doubts about. They decided to start a subdivision in a previously agricultural land owned by our family for a long, long time.

Now, my parents are not the sort who have debts and all that. If there's one thing they were clear about when we were growing up, it was never to owe money. Pay up immediately. Don't ruin your good name because of money. That sort of lessons. Which I'm trying my best to heed.

Back to the guy I don't really trust. He's taking advantage of them. BIG TIME. He's banking on them to not know any better. He's tricky. He's false. He's in it for the money, just the money. I spoke to the guy over the phone. Even then, I could tell that he plays the submissive, "yes sir" card to win you over. He tried that with me. Even called me Ma'am...which sounded really odd because this guy is OLDER than me. He wants to win you over by agreeing with everything you say. He knows that some people fall for that. After you fall for his tactics, then he goes for the jugular. He has to be a part of each and every transaction. He has to earn his share each time. Not that he's supplying the smartest bunch of guys. Mind you, the architects and engineers are just subpar. He plays on people's weaknesses.

Unfortunately, my dad is used to having people fawn over him. He's used to having people agree with him. I also hate to admit it, but this guy pandered to my dad's dream to earn a million. Ok, the current economy in my country is bad. If an economy is not going great, is starting a real estate venture a better idea? If you start a subdivision at a time when people are finding it hard to find decent, well-paying jobs, who will buy the lots? Who will have the money to buy the lots when they find it hard to pay for their day-to-day expenses?

Seems straightforward, right? Money is a temptress. It has led people astray many times...just the mere promise of it can make the usual smart folks go crazy.

I normally say, well, crash and burn. But heck, these guys are my parents. I just can't stand and let this guy get away with this. I talked to my mom today. Once again, I tried to tell her that they should quit while they can. Cut their losses while it's still early. While they still have money in the bank. To which she felt slighted. Really offended by what I said. Even said that there's a polite way of saying something truthful to one's parents. To which I felt mollified.

I feel helpless. They know the subdivision idea was not a brilliant idea. Then why are they still pursuing it?

I want to cry at the futility of it. I used to call them a lot. When the project started, I tried to be supportive. Even when the going was tough, I put on my cheerleader outfit and pompoms, continued cheering them on. When I found out how this Master Manipulator was handling things, that's when I stopped the cheerleading. That's when I started annoying them. They'd complain to me about what goes on. I'd tell them what I thought. They'd feel offended. Everytime we discuss the project, we end up annoying one another.

As an outsider, I see something they don't see.

He's manipulating them. They're discounting him as no threat. They don't even realize what he's doing. My dad thinks the other guy is funny. Unfortunately, this other guy is the one laughing his head off. He's the one getting the money. While my dad, who never had to get a loan for anything, even reached the point that he was applying for a loan to continue on with the project.

Tell me I'm just paranoid. I don't want this stupid project to continue. I don't want my parents to be the one left with an empty bank account, while this guy gets away with it. I hope to God some developer will just take over the project. Pay my parents the right amount for it.

What's a million? Goodness knows, I imagine my parents already had more than that at some point. Now this other guy is doing his best to relieve them of what money they should be enjoying now that my dad is retired. Somebody-Up-There, please intervene...get him away from my parents.


Paige said...

I'm blunt I would ask them if they are happy with what the attorney said about the business plan. What no attorney checked out the plan. What no plan. Just so you are aware in advance dad, mom... If you have to move in with me it will be my house rules. I love you.
Yes ma'm that what I would say. I'm blunt

Lei said...

I'm watching my mother suffer the consequences of her parents' botched up deals in the past. She is now bound to lose a considerable part of the land where her home stands.

I don't know if things would have been different had my mother known of those transactions, but she tells me now that she never did trust the other party from the start.

I guess just by being aware, you are better off than my mom -- you're in a position to intervene and reason it out with all your might.

Whatever action you choose, I pray that all go well. Ingat lagi, Cez.

Pie said...

hi cesz! :) continue talking to them.. dont give up until you get to convince them... :) my prayers are with you.

Cez said...

Thanks, guys. Really appreciate it.