May 2, 2006

Hats off to Mom and Dad

I've got to hand it to my mom and dad.

They brought up four daughters, FOUR, all through college. Sure we all had our share of adventures and misadventures, dramas and such, but it was all clean fun. As boring as it may sound, we were all good girls. Excelled in school, garnered awards, earned our degrees.

No one ended up quite like my younger cousin who's 19/20. The funny thing is, her dad (my uncle) always complained about us, his nieces. I personally have been told what a waste of a life I've led. He'd rather see me working as a sitter for old folks in Long Island (not to impugn sitters out there). He said we (me and my sisters) wasted our lives by not going into medicine. Since I didn't flinch and couldn't even be bothered, he then focused on my then-boyfriend...complained how I can do so much better by getting a doctor for a boyfriend.

Now, I never understood people who thought they can influence this way. Insults and put-downs doesn't really cut it. It might work for some people, but not me.

Seeing her pictures and knowing about what she's been doing kind of makes me admire her. Part admiration, part eeek! To hell with what people will say. Just makes me wonder if her dad chastises her the same way he chastised us. At the same time, there's this little naughty part of me that snickered when I found out she failed nursing, so she's now taking a different course. It's the same part that snickered when I found out her brother ended up taking journalism. Their dad yammered at me constantly for taking broadcast communication.

Which leads me back to my parents.

They did a damn good job with us.

Coming from a long line of girl power ancestors, they taught us how to be strong-willed to the point of stubbornness, not the whining, simpering sort. They taught us to respect ourselves, which is very important in this day and age.

Now if only I can use my strong will to convince them just to let that suspicious guy go...


Paige said...

I think you have done all you could about that. Just give support when its needed.