May 7, 2006

I Remember

Tonight, my husband and I had dinner at this fabulous Vietnamese place here in town. While there, he asked me how it started, the relationship before him. I thought I'd forgotten all about it. How wrong I was.

You think you've forgotten. Yet once you start going down memory lane, you can't stop. You remember the little details.

It didn't last long really. The other guy and I knew we weren't going to last long, given the circumstances. But heck, it was worth a shot. Telling the story still made me smile. Funny thing is, I've never told the entire story to anyone. Tonight I shared it, with my husband no less.

Looking back, I'm not sorry for getting into it. Some things are worth experiencing, even for just a short while. Just so you'd know. I broke it off, of course. It was something that couldn't have a future. The least we could have was a past. That was that. We didn't make promises of forever. It wasn't for us to make.

Fourteen years later, I can still tell the story.

It's amazing, the way the mind works.


Paige said...

The past is one of the things that makes us who we are in the present.