May 15, 2006

Unfair Impressions, Part 2

The Thai guy from work was fired last Friday evening. I talked to him for almost an hour the day before. True to form, he started our conversation by asking, "if you were stuck in an island with your dog and cooking instruments, but no food, would you eat your dog?" That really got me riled up. What sort of a question was that???

I pointed out that it was not a good conversation starter. If anything, it was disturbing. After talking to him, I realized that he's the sort of person who thinks he's a victim. He wants other people to make him happy. There were still more strange tales surrounding the guy, but everyone who shared their stories advised me to tell the boss. So I did. He told me that he was firing the guy, but was glad that I told him. Turns out he hasn't been performing well. They gave him so many chances. When I came to work today, this guy went to my office to tell me he was leaving the company. They gave him until June 30, more than enough time to find a new job.

So that's that.


Lei said...

Hi Cez!

I wonder how long Mr Thai Guy has been with that company.

Your accounts of him made me look at my own behavior. No, I don't eat cats (dogs? ancient history ^^).

I realize that, at times when the pressure and drudgery of work is overwhelming (or when my PC freezes), I have a habit of launching the most inane conversations with anyone nearby.

My ghulay. Sana may respeto pa ang mga tao dito sa akin. ^^

Cez said...

Eight months, from what I heard. Said he was given the chance to prove himself. Lackluster performance proved his undoing, apart from the constant griping about everything.

Don't worry, your stellar work performance is more important than your inane conversations. Ha-ha. :)