June 5, 2006


Tonight was the series finale of one of the few television shows I watch. Everwood.

There goes another good show down the drain. It's like what they did with Jack and Bobby. Why do these networks do this? They keep crappy shows and kill off great ones. The writing is fantastic. The subjects are relevant. The acting is great. Yet bye-bye it goes! Arrrgh!

Of course, I've always thought Gregory Smith is a dish, of course. Isn't it just annoying how cute these younger guys are? It's terrible!

Anyway, I'm glad Ephram and Amy ended up together. So cute! The hopeless romantic and perpetual optimist in me was cheering like an idiot. I love stories about love, even if they're not mine. It all ended quite happily...which makes me happy!

I suppose in a way it's ok that the show ended too, while the going was good. I'd hate to see that show end badly. There are far too many bad tv shows out there already that for Everwood to suffer the same fate would be a tragedy. Now I'm looking for any "save Everwood" petitions...hehe.