June 23, 2006

I love Fridays

I love waking up in the morning and realizing it's Friday. I love going to work and thinking, "yeah! tonight we party!"

Looking forward and not knowing what lies ahead. That's part of the excitement. It doesn't matter if we really haven't planned anything for the evening. If it happens that we do have plans, then anticipating it and waiting with bated breath is part of the fun. If we have no plans, then just thinking of a quiet evening at home, reading a book, hanging out with my husband and my little dog, watching tv, having a karaoke night - these things are fun as well.

I love how everyone's in a good mood. Asking and being asked about weekend plans. People smiling and laughing.

Fridays hold so much hope with the promise of a great time.


Paige said...

You are so right. I also want to say how much your blog has become lighter & happier since your job change. Funny how we sometimes don't see how "work" affects our private lives and it becomes too much a part of us.
Just noticing thats all & I like it. Happy weekend!

Cez said...

Paige, you made me go back and reread what I've written lately. You're right! That's a fantastic development then. Thanks for telling me. :)