June 1, 2006

Now I'm losing my temper

President loses temper with acting DepEd head - INQ7.net

What is the difference between a ratio of 100:1 and 45:1?

A world of difference when it comes to classroom sizes. Imagine a classroom chock-full of 100 students versus a classroom of 45 students.

What's more, to accommodate the President, they even came up with something they call a "double single session scheme". They are coming up with half-day schooldays for students to show that there really isn't a significant shortage in classrooms.

The things people come up with.

Just to prove that there is no shortage, they'd rather the students do half-day classes. What for? To save face? To show what a fantastic job they're doing? At the expense of the future generation's education?

And in typical fashion in my country, the person who was doing the job correctly gave in to pressure to do her job incorrectly. I can only imagine what the poor lady was told behind closed doors.

I don't get it.

It pisses me off. Even the way the article was titled focused more on the temper tantrum, instead of on the lie proposed by the President herself.

Arrrgh! No wonder our country's headed nowhere.