July 25, 2006

Be careful what you wish for

Some days I ask myself "what have I gotten myself into?"

For the longest time, I've wanted to do work that meant something. I wanted proof, something tangible, that the work I do is not just all for nothing. You know the type of work that seems to get sucked by a black hole? I didn't want that.

As they say, be careful what you wish for.

The up side of being where I am now is that I can actually point out to people our projects. It actually exists and it makes me really proud to be part of the group. The work I did where I used to be doesn't even come close to what i'm doing now. Just on the basis of what I'm learning, this new place rocks!  I spent almost 8 years of my life in the other place, yet I don't remember learning as much in 8 years as I'm learning now. I also get respected for what I do, instead of getting yelled at for things that are not even my fault.

The down side is everyone wants us to be on their teams. Some would tell me they want an exclusive arrangement. Others get offended when other firms want to work with us. Since I'm...ahem, ahem...part of the marketing team (a marketing team of two, if I may add), I'm usually at the forefront of both good and bad behavior. It's really a lot like being this gorgeous gal that everyone's pining for.

The work I do has often been described as feast or famine. Some days, there's hardly anything to be done. However, the past couple of weeks have been a neverending feast. Will it stay this way? I honestly don't know.

Now, as for the term "marketing team". For the longest time, marketing was not something I wanted to get into. Sure, I have a bachelor's degree in mass communication. Sure, I can do that sort of thing quite easily. It was just something I DIDN'T want to do. So imagine my surprise (or chagrin), when I heard my boss refer to me and my colleague as the marketing team! Life never fails to surprise.

I meant to post as a way to vent. But now that I'm typing this, I realize that I'm still in a better place (pwera usog!). No matter how crazy it gets, no matter how many times in recent weeks I've wanted to just throw paper out of the window, I still like what I'm doing.

Of course, I'm also thinking of starting my own business. Doing what, I have no idea. Just the thought of being my own boss is appealing. That and working from home. My parents are arriving soon, I haven't seen them in AGES, so maybe that's why I want to spend time with them. Maybe that's why I want to work from home.

But that's another matter for yet another post.