July 2, 2006

On "Superman Returns"

Hearing the music reminded me of it all over again. SUPERMAN. He has returned.

We watched it Friday night and spent Saturday watching Superman 1 & 2. We watched "Superman Returns" again today. Having watched the movie twice made me feel younger than I have felt in a long time. I was a little kid again. You reach a certain age and you become jaded. You lose that wide-eyed innocence. But "Superman Returns" returns you to that time.

I was weeping like an idiot when I watched it last Friday. I did the same thing today. Not because it was a sad movie, heck no. I'm the sort who weeps while watching Broadway plays. So my weeping while watching Superman isn't necessarily a bad thing. Just my thing. I only weep at movies that I really like (LOTR/ROTK, Lilo & Stitch, Moulin Rouge, that sort). Of course, the confrontation with Lex Luthor was just too harsh and made me weep.

Now, about Brandon Routh. Ok, he's gorgeous. He's the new Superman. He completely took on the role and played it darn well. He wasn't a Christopher Reeve copycat (who was my first crush ever...ho ho), though there's quite a resemblance. Brandon Routh is classically handsome. Not cute. Classically handsome. How lucky Courtney Ford is.

Now, about the story. It delivers a more human Superman. You see a Superman with a full range of emotions. One who gets kicked around. One who can save the world yet still gets lonely and depressed. Still in love with The Girl who is now The Mom. Of course, with Superman that noble and gorgeous, it DID make me wonder all the more why Lois didn't drop everything and ran straight into Superman's arms. Yes, I know she had to do what's right, but come on, this is Superman.

Even if he's still crazily head over heels in love with her, he's still the respectable guy that he is. No attempts to lure Lois away from the other guy. He keeps his decency. A decent guy who'll do what's right. Who only loves one girl. Who will save the world...over and over if need be. The good guy who, sadly, doesn't get the girl, but is still around. Just hanging around.

Everyone behaved in a decent way. Maybe that's why I like the movie.

Some people don't change. No matter how long they've been gone, they still come back the same way they are. Fantastic if they were good to begin with.