July 15, 2006

Travel Bug Bite and 30-something Virgin

The travel bug has bitten. Ow! Then again, I don't really want to repel the travel bug. But I digress.

My birthday's coming up next month. Time to plan my birthday vacation! Woohoo! Last year, we decided to go to Santa Fe & Albuquerque, New Mexico at the last minute, thanks to Expedia. We had a great time.

This time, I'm being a bit good. Right now, we already have our flights and 2 separate lodgings booked. One more place to stay + the car rental and we're all set. It'll be a 5-day trip going from one place to another. We tried to go the travel agent route. Kept getting price quotes for air-hotel-car packages that cost an arm and a leg. Then we asked for air-hotel packages. The costs still blew our minds. Finally, my husband said we can do it ourselves. We're doing good with our budget so far. Hope it'll stay that way. Boy, I love seeing new places, but it's just sooo darn expensive! Makes me want to win the lottery.


A friend IMd me today. She wants to go to London to meet up with this guy she chats online with. She doesn't really like him, not her type. But she wants to meet him and lose her virginity. "maybe it's about time for me to lose it ... I know it's wrong." She said she asked her other friends and they said yes. I didn't know what to say. WHAT ON EARTH?

People always surprise me. She was in a pseudo-relationship with a guy she was crazy about, but she was adamant in not doing The Deed until she was married. It's been a year since they split. Now she wants to go to bed with some guy she's never met? I tell you, a complete 180-degree turn.

Why oh why did she even tell me? I want to bop her in the head. Seriously. I know she's an adult. I've even told her she's an adult who knows what she wants. I just don't understand adults who still ask for advice when their mind is made up already. It's just useless giving your two-cents' worth.

She's the same person I blogged about in "What makes a good wife". I've known her for five years now, ever since she moved here. We're complete opposites. I mean, she's a nice enough person, just lacking in backbone and decision-making skills. This silliness is making me rethink my friendship with her. As the saying goes, "tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are."

Now I want to go invisible when I go online just so she won't see me. I know her far too well. Anything I say, she'll ignore. She usually asks for my advice, then goes off her merry way. No matter how right I usually am. No matter how many times I've been proven right. I have to step back and leave her be. She has to learn on her own. I can't teach her common sense. If I haven't taught it to her when we were both working in the same organization, what hope is there that I can teach it to her now?


Paige said...

Yeah, a birthday trip. Your friend, sounds like she is looking for someone to back up her "wants to".

Cez said...

Yep Paige, she's looking for support. Just looking at it in the wrong place when she told me about it.

Lene said...

Hope you'll have a grand vacation. Just right for your birthday! =)

Cez said...

Thanks, Arglene!