August 4, 2006

On Money Matters

My mom wondered what my youngest sister and I discuss endlessly. When I told her we're trying to find ways to earn money without killing ourselves too much with work, she started telling me what a good life my sister has living with them in the Philippines...she has her own car...she's been a-travellin' since she was yea high...she has a good job.

To which she concluded that it's better to be happy with what you've got - the blessings that are already in your life - and stop aspiring for more lest you end up with less.

My mom is of the mindset that talking about money matters is uncouth and uncivilized. When people borrow money from them, they just assume that they won't get paid, which is something I don't agree with. Money borrowed is money to be paid. Nothing is free so those people who borrowed from them (who are now living in what they present as well-to-do lifestyles) SHOULD and MUST pay, even if the loan was done eons ago. But I digress.

I confess that I bug my youngest sister to save and invest her money. Not only because she's still young (and hence, her money has a helluva chance to grow), but being money-smart isn't such a bad thing. I'm not a financial genius, but I'm trying to keep our finances in order. It's not an easy task, especially being in a country where your purchasing power can be exercised so easily.

Nevertheless, even I have to confess that I aim for more money so I don't have to work so darn hard. For the longest time, we've been told that those who work hard gets rewarded. However, just watch VH1 and E! and you'll see the opposite. No, I don't aim for that, but hey, if they can do it (even if some of them are just plain lacking in talent), then why can't I?

Anyway, it's not as if my sister and I are unhappy with our lot in life. That's completely untrue. It's just that we're aiming to be financially stable enough to NOT work to live. I want to have a life that's not work-oriented.

Funny thing is, our mom's reaction is coming from the parent point of view. The parents as providers, which explains why she cannot understand the desire to earn more. Because to her, well, it's up to her and our dad to provide. We shouldn't have to worry our pretty little heads about it. No matter how old we get, they will always be responsible for us. Now, my sister's attitude (I think) is more long-term than that. She's thinking of how she'll get by in the future. I doubt if she wants to be a parasite and just leech off us, her older sisters.

As for me, well, I know I'm grateful for the blessings that come my way, but I'm not going to stop aspiring for more. It's fear that keeps people from taking risks. Me? I believe fortune favors the brave.


Paige said...

I don't want to have to live with any family member, because I don't have enough money when we retire. Besides we do wan to retire.

Meikah said...

Cecil, read the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad? There's actually a way to be earning while not working too hard. In the book, it says to invest in assets and live on interest later on life. I have yet to try it though. Hope we (you and I, and everyone else) get there someday.

Cez said...

Hey Meikah!

Actually, we already have that book and all of Kiyosaki's book. We're trying to do the investing thing, which seems easier here in the US than there. We're trying out the automatic investment plans because we're not big-time investors.

By the way, my sister e-mailed me your picture. Looking good, girl!