August 20, 2006

Things I know now at 32

Today I turn 32. I have lived in this country since 1998 and haven't celebrated my birthday with my parents since that time. Today is different. My parents are here and for that alone, I'm already happy. Saying I'm thankful for all the blessings in life sounds hackneyed, but it's true. I will leave it at that.

I have been noting the things I learn in life ever since goodness-knows-when...the things I realize in a sort of "a-ha!" epiphany moment. I want to share it here, because hey, what's the point of learning something if you don't share it, right?

Some of you, my dear readers, might've already realized some or even all of them. If that's the case, good for you. If not, just read on. I hope some of the things I've learned in my 32 years of existence prove useful to you. If that's the case, I'd love to hear about it. If you disagree, I'd love to hear about it too. Here it goes.

I learned that...

1. your parents brought you up the only way they knew how – in fact, they were just winging it.
2. your parents know what's good and what's right for you, even when you think they don't.
3. people make friends based on what they need and want.
4. it is possible to outgrow jobs, friendships and relationships, but we stay out of loyalty, necessity and devotion.
5. certain people are stuck in a certain age.
6. certain people are jealous, mean, catty, hurtful, even deceitful, but it doesn't mean you have to be or you are.
7. someone may hurt you now or in the past, but you can choose to let it go or carry it with you.
8. making a choice is never easy, but you have to make them at a certain point to move on with your life.
9. the decisions you make at a certain point in your life were the best ones at the time, but it doesn't necessarily mean it's good for you for the rest of your life.
10. no one can make up your mind for you, but you.
11. you can spend an entire lifetime making up for your mistakes, yet never own up to them.
12. forgiveness is something you must give to yourself.
13. good things and bad things do add up and make a difference.
14. sometimes things have to get worse before it can get better.
15. sometimes you have to look back first before you can move on.
16. people who know who you used to be may refuse to understand that you could become something else. At the same time, there are those who know you now who refuse to understand that you were something else before.
17. dreams can be long denied but never forgotten.
18. the best person to compete with is yourself as you are your own standard.
19. age in itself does not mean anything. You define it for yourself.
20. the best medical insurance plan cannot compensate for a clean bill of health.
21. the only way to love is with all your heart.
22. the love unspoken will only torture you.
23. the love unrequited, but spoken, sets you free.
24. the love given to you is something you really want, yet still possibly might not be good for you.
25. a person who really loves you will fight for you, no matter what.
26. distance can both strengthen and rupture a relationship – just not both at the same time.
27. sparks may fly, but it might flicker or disappear.
28. breaking up is never easy, but it's better to do it when you must, rather than stay.
29. the love you lost was lost for a reason and was never meant to be.
30. the best way to let go is to disappear from that person's life.
31. the past may not be perfect and haunt you, but it's over.
32. making a mistake is not the end of the world.


Lei said...

Here's to you and life's lessons -those that we've learned, and yet to realize.

*Raise mug of hot choco*

Happy, happy birthday, Cez. Ü
Wishing you continued blessings. Ingat lagi.

Lene said...

I wanna greet you a belated happy, happy birthday! =)

Ahhm, I'll take note of #30! Thank you for sharing them Cez!

Cez said...

Thanks for the greetings! We just got back tonight so I haven't had the chance to reply until now. I'll be posting on how our vacation went. :)

Paige said...

Happy late birthday.
Bloger comments thingy has been giving me fits.
Welcome home safe & sound

Pie said...

belated happy birthday sis! :)
asteeg yung "lessons" which you shared.. :)