September 10, 2006

100 Things About Me

I saw someone do this on another blog. How challenging (and utterly narcissistic) it is to think of 100 unique things about me. As I'm always up for a good challenge, here goes:

1. I love clean sheets.
2. I have seen over 20 Broadway shows.
3. I love sarcasm and dry humor.
4. I speak a little Spanish and even tinier French.
5. I sit close to the emergency exit when I'm in the train.
6. I prefer aisle seats in planes and buses.
6. It is easy for me to tell when people don't take me seriously because I look young.
7. I really enjoy spending time with my parents.
8. is my favorite number
9. I have a scar on my nose, something I'm proud of.
10. I wanted to take up computer science, but ended up taking mass communication.
11. I learned how to drive a stick shift when I was 16.
12. I believe in love.
13. I get rid of things easily.
14. I call a spade a spade.
15. I love winter and snow.
16. I took ballet when I was in second grade.
17. I took martial arts when I was in university.
18. My favorite doctor is my allergist.
19. My favorite day is Friday.
20. I'm not an Ipod person. I have a mobiBLU.
21. I'm not a Razr person. I have a Samsung T-809.
22. I'm a night owl.
23. I love looking for good travel deals.
24. Chippy's my all-time favorite junk food.
25. I love to people watch.
26. I've eaten alligator legs and turtle soup.
27. I want to do good.
28. I want to make a difference.
29. I love shredding paper.
30. Thunderstorms are awesome (especially if you can sneak a nap during one)
31. I enjoy biking 10 rounds around our complex.
32. My first car was a stick shift, dark blue Daihatsu Charade.
33. I'm not a beach person.
34. My favorite color used to be blue. Now it's red.
35. I can watch the moon and stars for hours.
36. I used to own pink eyeglasses.
37. I have two older sisters and one younger sister.
38. I want to study calligraphy.
39. I am harder on myself than anyone would ever imagine.
40. I never worked until I graduated from university.
41. I was born with straight hair that curled (made waves...hah!) when I was 10.
42. My favorite flower used to be tulips; now it's gerbera daisies.
43. I developed allergies & asthma when I moved here.
44. I love sunrise, sunset and rainbows.
45. I never wore prescription eyeglasses until I was 24.
46. I drink decaffeinated green tea every night.
47. I wish I could draw better.
48. I only wear my watch, engagement and wedding rings.
49. Hello Kitty is a favorite since I was a kid.
50. I OWN a Hello Kitty keyboard.
51. When I go home, I leave my cellphone in the bedroom.
52. I sleep really deeply. Better if 9-10 hours.
53. Indian and Korean food are my favorites.
54. I dislike people who claim they're decisive when they're not.
55. When I use public restrooms, I wonder how many butts sat on the toilet seat.
56. Badminton was my favorite sport growing up.
57. I love going on picnics.
58. I love crabs, shrimps and lobsters.
59. I use three different hairbrushes when drying my hair.
60. I have a list of 100 things I'd love to do.
61. I eat Cheerios or Special K about thrice a week.
62. Cocoa Krispies was my first favorite cereal.
63. I like Panda ballpen.
64. I can't sleep before 12 midnight.
65. I love Christmas.
66. University days were the best times.
66. I prefer pedicure to manicure.
67. The UNDO button is one of the best things ever.
68. I play solitaire with actual playing cards while talking on the phone.
69. I am lactose intolerant.
70. I enjoy grocery shopping.
71. I prefer guy pals to gal pals. They're more straightforward.
72. I've declined friend requests in Friendster.
73. I want to try out 800-1000 thread count Egyptian cotton bed sheet sets.
74. I don't own a single Harry Potter book...yet.
75. I still use the ever-reliable "pamaypay" during summer.
76. I don't say goodbye; I just disappear from other people's lives.
77. I love packing stuff for travel.
78. I regret not finishing my masters degree. Made it as far as choosing the topic for my thesis.
79. I've been with the same guy for 11 years, married for 5 years.
80. I don't think a person can be friends with their exes.
81. I've gone skydiving.
82. I love weddings.
83. I enjoy grocery shopping.
84. Superman is my desktop wallpaper right now.
85. I've never been totally smashed.
86. I've never tried smoking.
87. I've never tried drugs.
88. I wanted to get married between the ages of 28 and 30. (got married at 26)
89. I sleep in the car only when I trust the driver, unless I'm really tired.
90. My husband needs to wake me up in the morning.
91. I have to finish my to-do list every night before I sleep.
92. I learned to write a cheque when I was 24.
93. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Everwood were all great shows.
94. Pretentious people exasperate me.
95. I want to visit all of the National Parks.
96. I always bring my Sony Micro Vault USM-D Plus in my bag.
97. I make time to play with my dog no matter how tired I am.
98. I can tell when the seasons are changing due to my allergies.
99. I wish I can spend more time with my nieces.
100. Depending on my mood and/or the situation, I can intentionally be a wallflower and fade into the background, or grab the spotlight.


Lene said...

It's so nice to know more things about you. =p

Meikah said...

Reading this, I still remember clearly the Cez I know back in University ;)). But was your Charade, blue? Thought it was red. Or was it a different car you were talking about. LOL. I agree 101% to #100 on your list. I KNOW you can be that! :-D