September 6, 2006

The Grand Circle - Bryce Canyon National Park

August 22, 2006
Second stop: Bryce Canyon National Park
Stayed at: Jacob Lake Inn
On our way to Bryce, my husband's IPod was set to shuffle. To our surprise, "In God's Country" and "Red Hill Mining Town" played. Given the scenery we passed, it was strangely appropriate. Scenic Byway 12 was not called scenic for nothing. We passed Dixie National Forest's Red Canyon on our way to Bryce Canyon. Like appetizers in a 4-course meal, it whetted our appetite to find out what lies ahead.

I've never seen anything like it. It surely made me wonder if any supernatural or extraterrestrial being made them. Viewing them from Bryce Point was nervewracking. The height coupled with the wind made me hesitant to look out at the hoodoos. We were up at 8,000+ feet and the wind was blowing heavily. I was worried our camera would get swept away, so I was holding on to it for dear life. No way will I let go of the pictures from Zion.

We hiked from Inspiration Point to Sunset Point. We ended up walking more than two miles, on top of that earlier hike because...we missed the last shuttle (18:08) from Sunrise Point! Great huh! A tour bus full of Hispanic people came to our rescue and dropped us off at the Visitors Center where our car was parked. I spoke a little Spanish and told them, "muchas gracias por tu ayuda. Vaya con Dios!" Ha-ha-ha.

We ate quickly at the The Canyon Diner. Nothing extraordinary, just your regular fastfood. I can't even remember what we had. Then it was off to Jacob Lake Inn.

Jacob Lake Inn was rustic...whatever rustic means. We stayed in a cabin. No phones, internet access, much less tv. I woke up to the sound of birds chirping outside. When I finally looked out, I saw a blue bird in the tree. If you ever you drive on US 89A in Arizona, drop by Jacob Lake Inn and eat. The food's fantastic. We only ate breakfast and I had a Fry One. That's all I'll say.

To be continued...