September 29, 2006

Hey, good-looking

Ever been with a good-looking guy?

My husband's been described as good-looking by people I know, even guys. Interesting. When we got together back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth, I thought he was cute. Not handsome, not good-looking, just good ol' cute.

Now that we're in our 30s, his looks have evolved from mere cuteness to the level of good-looking. I've heard quite often that since he's good-looking, it is up to me to work at keeping him. So many girls must be after him, some of them have said.

Buddy, you even forgot the "guys" who were attracted to him.

Some people even had the utter nerve to comment that I got lucky...which assumes that he didn't. Buggers. To which I usually respond, "bah humbug!" It amused me one time when a colleague at work said, "oh, your husband is more handsome than I thought he would be."

Yeah, because YOU probably think I deserve a gargoyle.

I usually ignore such stupid comments. I never had issues with self-esteem, nor do I usually care about what other people say. I was never beautiful, nor was I pretty. I've always been on the level of cuteness - the sort that's achievable and approachable. I've got the matching personality to boot (and kick-ass boots to kick you, if you disagree). I've had my fair share of admirers. But it galls me to hear how lucky I was, without really considering for a moment that maybe it's HIM who got lucky.

Isn't it annoying that in this day and age, good looks are still the main thing? Non-good-looking folks have to be vigilant, constantly on guard for possible "encroachers" to keep their good-looking partners around. What kind of stupid nonsense is that?

Then again, in an appearance-obsessed society, what do I really expect?


Paige said...

This is gonna sound funny but from the moment I first saw my beloved (in high school), I would describe him as a beautiful. He was cute, grew more handsome with time, but I still believe he is a beautiful person. I have always seen beyond the container that he wears to see his beauty within. I think, I am an average person, not so ugly that you turn your head or stop & stare, just average so you walk on by; almost not even noticing me. He sees me as beautiful beyond reason (his words) As long as we have the love that drew us together, I think the souls that keep us together will do their job.
Happy Weekend